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Apex Legends Crafting Guide: Getting Crafting Materials

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Everybody who has played Apex Legends knows how exciting and mesmerizing the content is. From the lore to the in-game cosmetics, everything is top-notch. These weapon and player skins are so pretty and unique that no player can hide the fact of how much they want them. There are many ways to go about obtaining these in-game cosmetics and skins. In this guide, we will go over one of those ways, which is via crafting materials. 

What are Crafting Materials?

Crafting materials are a form of tokens or in-game currency which can be used to buy various items in the game. From poses, banners, and trackers to weapon skins, legend skins, as well as finishers, everything can be bought via crafting materials. Keep in mind that the devs at Respawn add exclusive skin packs and items all the time to the store, most of which can’t be accessed via the inventory and thus can not be bought through crafting materials. We will discuss more on that later in the guide. Now, moving on to the next part of this guide. 

How to Earn Crafting Materials in Apex Legends?

Crafting materials can not be earned through spending Apex Coins, the micro currency of the game. Apex Packs have to be opened to earn crafting materials; that is one of the two ways to get them. Apex Packs come in four types of rarities-

  • Legendary Packs
  • Epic Packs
  • Rare Packs
  • Common Packs

The legendary packs have legendary skins, banners, and finishers. Epic packs contain epic skins, banners, and finishers; rare packs have rare loot, whereas common loot can be obtained from common packs. These also contain a specific amount of crafting materials, amongst other loot. It is random what loot you will get with each pack, so there is no way of knowing what you will get. Here is the quantity of loot you get with each pack-

  • Legendary: 600 crafting materials
  • Epic: 200 crafting materials
  • Rare: 30 crafting materials
  • Common: 10 crafting materials

This means you will earn more materials the rarer your loot drop is. This is why it is a slow grind, as earning apex packs requires leveling up your account and battle pass if you have one. Sometimes it is also possible via collection events. These collection events also provide you with limited edition skins that can be obtained why apex coins as well as crafting materials. In my experience, Respawn puts up some of their best cosmetic ideas in these events, so it might not be a bad idea to save up some materials for the next one. Just so you have an idea, here are the costs of items according to their rarity in terms of crafting materials-

  • Legendary Loot: 1,200 crafting materials
  • Epic Loot: 400 crafting materials
  • Rare Loot: 60 crafting materials
  • Common Loot: 30 crafting materials

In some special cases (mainly during the collection events) the cost of legendary items rises as high as 2,400 crafting materials. 

The second way to earn more crafting materials is through the purchase and leveling up of the battle pass. The battle pass of the Hunted Season (Season 14) is available for 950 apex coins. You can buy this much currency for $10. For players who play regularly, I advise you to buy this as all you need to do to level it up is play. Each battle pass has apex coins as rewards so you can save up and by the next battle pass, making it a one-time investment for regulars. Earlier, they used to provide you with just enough apex coins to buy the next battle pass but recently, almost twice as much is being given to the players. This means that you can buy the battle pass with these coins, as well as save up for exclusive content, which can only be purchased via apex coins.

Yeah, it is a lot of grinding. Although for the true fans of the beautiful works of Respawn Entertainment, it will be worth it. That was it for this guide. We shall be posting more content regularly, so be sure to check it out. 

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