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All Stats in God of War Ragnarok – Which Stat to Raise in GOW Ragnarok

All Stats in God of War Ragnarok - Which Stat to Raise in GOW Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok stats has not changed since 2018’s title. We still have Strength, Defense, Runic (RNC), Vitality (VIT), Luck (LCK), and Cooldown (CLD). Stats are vital in the game as they are directly tied to any equipment in the game such as weapons, armor, shields, enchantments, etc. All weapons and gear in the game have an impact on the six stats of the game. Eventually, as you progress you will acquire a lot of gear and enchantments, and all of these have an effect on your stats. Keep reading as we talk more about the God of War Ragnarok stats.

God of War Ragnarok Stats Explained

Stats of each gear allows you to customize your loadout and play GOW Ragnarok to your strengths. If you are a defensive player, you can choose equipment that boosts defense and vitality; whereas if you are more of an attacking player you can go for gear that boosts Strength and Cooldown. When choosing a gear, there is always a tradeoff; you will be required to sacrifice one stat from the other. However, there are also well-balanced gears in the game that provide an average of most stats.

The main stats of all gear in the game is Strength and Defense. Let’s have a look at each of the stats in detail.


Strength is one of the most apparent stats, and the game goes beyond its ways to explain the various stats. With a focus on Strength, you will deal increased damage. If you want to finish off fights quicker and want your blows to reduce more of the enemy’s health, that is what the Strength stat does.


Another obvious stat is defense. It boosts your defense, meaning you take less damage. If you are new to the franchise or feel that you are having a hard time with bosses or enemies in general, the stat you want to focus on raising is the defense stat. With an increase in this state, you will take less damage from foes and take longer to kill you. All gear in the game will provide the Strength and Defense stat with a bit of exchange in numbers.  

Runic (RNC)

It’s the Runic and the other three stats in our list where the real choice comes into play. You usually can only get two of these four on any gear. So, the game has Runic attacks; besides your regular attacks, these attacks are more powerful and cause elemental status damage. With this stat, you can enhance your Runic abilities.

Vitality (VIT)

The Vitality stats is essentially your health. With an increase in this stat, you can increase the health of Kratos. The stat also affects Stagger Resistance. If you increase this stat, Kratos won’t stagger as much and will have increased max health.

Luck (LCK)

Luck relates to the drops you get from enemies, chests, etc. You have a better chance of finding rarer items when the gear focuses on this stat.

Cooldown (CLD)

Cooldown affects the duration gap between the uses of each ability in the game. With a greater Cooldown stat, you will have a lesser cooldown period and hence, can use your abilities more often.

Which Stat to Raise in GOW Ragnarok

If you are starting with the game, you do not need to worry about the stats very much except for Strength and Defense, which varies depending on your playstyle. If you are dying too fast, focus on gear that boosts the defense stat. Also, in the early stages of the game, the enemies are pretty easy to beat, so it would be best to focus on your luck, find more resources, and drop from enemies. When near the end game, except for Luck, all other stats are pretty essential, and the choice can vary depending on how good you are and your play style.  

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