Which Tribe to Choose in Biomutant

Biomutant is one of the best action role-playing video games. In this game, there are various tribes and you need to choose your allegiance early on. You can change your alliance later in the game, but to start you will have to go with one tribe. The tribes are divided into dark and light, three tribes each. Both have their different belief as to how the world should be. As you start, you may be confused as to which tribe to choose in Biomutant. Stick with the post and we will help you decide.

BiomutantWhich Tribe to Choose

There are a total of 6 Tribes that you will come across in the game and they are divided into two different groups – Dark Aura Tribes and Light Aura Tribes. Let’s learn which tribe to choose in Biomutant.

Dark Aura Tribes

– Lotus

– Jagni

– Pichu

The Dark Ora Tribe has a hellish tendency to bring destruction, ruin, and plunge the New World into darkness again.

Light Aura Tribes

– Myrirad

– Ankati

– Netra

The Light Aura Tribes are more focused on healing the Tree of Life and conserving the New World. They ensure that life goes on unimpeded.

Thus, these are the details of the 6 Tribes and their unique weapons that offer a new set of attacks and combat style so you get a better idea of which one to choose during your gameplay. Now, let’s quickly check out the overview of these tribes

Biomutant Tribes Overview

The above-mentioned 6 different tribes have:

– A unique tribe weapon that has its own set of Wung Fu combo attacks.

– An alignment that offers from maximum dark to maximum light.

– An end goal like to destroy or save the Tree of Life.

Your selection of these tribes will mainly be depended on whether you want a largely dark or light aura. Each of them will unlock different sets of abilities and powers.

It is advisable to choose these tribes wisely as it will affect your main quest.

Once you will finish the Tribe Quest successfully, you can access all of these 6 Tribes and their weapons.

That’s all you need to know Which Tribe to Choose in Biomutant. 

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