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Where to Hide Undetected in Countdown Mission to Stop Missile in Modern Warfare 2

Where to Hide Undetected in Countdown Mission to Stop Missile in Modern Warfare 2

If you are at the Countdown mission, the game is nearing its end, and much of this mission emphasizes the solo experience. After encountering Hassan, you need to follow him down the elevator, but when you do, a missile hits the elevator and drops your gun. So, the remainder of the mission needs to be done in stealth, and like the Alone mission, you need to make stuff from scratch. So, keep reading, and we will show you where to hide undetected in the Countdown mission in MW2 so you can disarm the missile in peace and without having to run all over the place.

Best Place to Hide in Countdown Mission and Disable Missile in MW2

Like much of the Modern Warfare 2 game, various ways exist to approach and complete an objective. The same goes for the Countdown mission. You can complete the objective of disabling the missile in parts: run, halt, complete a section, and then move on and repeat the process until the aim is complete.

But there is a safe place where you can disable the missile in peace, and Hassan’s Men won’t find you. When you pick up the suitcase, start running toward the guards and past them.

As soon as you pass the guards, you will see two sofas; go pat them, take a left turn, and see a white door open. Go through the door, and you will be in the bathroom. Sit in the open cubical and start to disarm the missile. No guard will interrupt you, and you will have enough time to disable the missile. But, as soon as the objective is complete, move on or you will be cornered and die.

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So this is how to disable the missile undetected in Modern Warfare 2 Countdown mission. Check out the game category for more guides and tips on how to play MW2.

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  1. This is a new pinnacle, of dumb story arcs. This game has never been about realism, but never really, ventured to far from remote, possibilities, with a maximum amount of luck. Now its about, ridiculous, MacGyver esq. type BS.

    You’re trapped on an unfinished floor, about the size of a tiny, 2 room condo, and you’re surrounded by a dozen men in dreadnaught body armor, armed with automatic weapons and explosives. You have scrap metal laying around a microwave, and a ticking timer on a suitcase your carrying around.

    This is a new level of stupid. Even for this game.
    A coloring book, for pre K children, has more realistic events, than this ridiculous story arc.

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