Where to Find Consecrated Beasts Location in Genshin Impact

 Where to Find Consecrated Beasts Location in Genshin Impact

In terms of roleplaying games, Genship Impact is unique; it is an open map for the players to explore. Players begin as a wanderer in the Teyvat universe, hunting for their sister, and as they go, they will face new obstacles as well as meet new people and gain new prizes. These prizes include new and improved weaponry, as well as new skills. 

Throughout the game, players must overcome a variety of opponents. Teyvat consists of four regions for players to explore: Mondstadt, Inazuma, Liyue, Dragonspine, Chasm, and Sumeru. You may visit these locations while enjoying the fascinating gameplay. However, subsequent updates cause more uncertainty since new missions require direction. How to Find Consecrated Beasts in Genshin Impact. In this guide, we are going to clarify things about the above topic.

Consecrated Beast Location in Genshin Impact

Consecrated Beasts is the guise of an antagonists group that has been added to the game’s new 3.4 update as the residents of the Desert of Hadramaveth in Sumeru. These birds, scorpion, and snake-like creatures can sometimes be tough to find without a proper map location. Players will need them or their shells to level up their weapons, and they will also come up with some other rewards, so they should be found and killed as soon as possible.

Here are the locations where players can find them easily.

1) First location where players can discover these beasts is in the northeast valley Safhe Shatranj; players just have to teleport themselves to this location.

2) The second location is the Wounded Shin valley kook around, and you will find them easily.

3) The third location where the beasts can be found easily is in the Southeast of Safhe Shatranj.

4) The Fourth location can be the Dune of Carouses.

5) Fifth location where beasts are found is in the Wadi Al-Majuj.

6) For the sixth location, players have to search in the east waypoint of the Passage of Ghouls.

7) For the seventh location, players have to continue moving north from the Passage of Ghouls and keep interacting with the box; it will guide them to the location.

8) Now, from the previous location, head towards the northeast, look around a bit, and you will find them.

9) For the ninth location, players have to enter the cave of the Qusayr Northeast waypoint.

10) In the tenth location, beasts can be found in the south of Dunes of Steel.

11) From Dunes of Steel, head towards the north to reach the eleventh location, where players have to defeat two lil scorpions, and then the bigger one will appear.

12) Head northeast from the previous location, and you will find them easily.

13) For this location, players have to teleport to the Debris of Panjvahe.

14) The last location is in the southwest of Serpent’s northeast domain.

To conclude, these are the locations that players can directly look for without having to traverse through the whole map, and you’ll find the beasts at these locations easily.

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