Where to Find Cohoot for Photograph in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

Cohoot is an Endemic Life new creature in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). This is the popular pet in Kamura Village, adored for its clever nature and affection. It doesn’t only provide some crucial comfort to hunters, but also helps on quests by guiding the position of the monsters. The village elder will give you a Cohoot to take care of it as a pet.

In the quests, you can also dress up this pet in fancy outfits, so ensure to provide the proper attention it deserves. If you have no idea, where to find Cohoot for Photograph in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR), check out the following guide.

Where to Find Cohoot for a Photograph in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

If you will give much attention while running around the village, you will be able to spot a small-sized Cohoot sitting on the top of the wall. If you have missed it, don’t worry! It is at the stair leading up to Fugen The Elder. You simply need to take out your camera and ensure to keep Cohoot within the frame, and then take a picture. This is how you can complete the quest.

How to Use Cohoot on MH Rise?

At the beginning of any quest, your hunter will be released a Cohoot to spy the location of monsters. It will help you out to locate the position of every monster which hunters can see on their maps.

Cohoot - Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

To take the perfect picture, Pose Sets and Gestures can be selected from the Pause Menu. If you’ll call your Cohoot using your ‘Action Bar’, it will come and sit on your arm. Once perch, you need to push it to take flight.

The ‘Pet Menu’ will be opened when a Cohoot is sitting on your arm. Then, you can change its outfits and also feed your friend. If you’ll feed your Cohoot, it will greet you at the entrance of your village, once you will return from your mission.

Remember: This feature is not available in Multiplayer.

Also, whenever you decide to take a selfie in Photo Mode, your feather friend Cohoot will hold the camera and take a photo for you! Isn’t that great!

That’s it for this guide on where to find Cohoot for a photograph in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR).

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