Where To Find and Use Monkey Paw in Phasmophobia

Debarun Joardar
Debarun Joardar

Phasmophobia, the era defining horror game, that tests your fears and your highest pitch at which you can scream, has a set of cursed possessions. Because why not just amp up the pitch even higher with cursed possessions like Haunted Doll or Monkey’s Paw. Of course, it was not scary enough. Players definitely needed this. (P.S. The last two statements are pure sarcasm and Phasmophobia will make you check your heartbeat if you are new to horror games). 

The Monkey Paw is the newest Cursed Possession in Phasmophobia, and it grants players some extremely uncommon powers while they play. If you make the right request at the right moment, the Monkey Paw can reveal the name of the spirit in addition to enabling you to restore other participants. So where can you find this cursed possession and how do you even use this to tilt the favours to your side?

Where To Find the Monkey Paw in Phasmophobia

How to Find and Use Monkey Paw in Phasmophobia - Gamer Journalist

In the Phasmophobia v. upgrade, a new Cursed Possession called The Monkey Paw was introduced. The Monkey Paw can fulfil users’ desires, enabling them to perform actions they were previously unable to, such as reviving comrades, or providing them with vital knowledge regarding the identity of the ghost. These desires are fulfilled, but there are also drawbacks. Also, it only has a 1 in 7 chance of spawning. On each area, the Monkey Paw appears in a specific place. 

Phasmophobia Monkey Paw Locations, Wishes, and Effects

Here is where you ought to search first if you’re keeping an eye out for the Monkey Paw.

  • Bleasdale Farmhouse: Second Floor Nursery Room, on a chest near the cradle.
  • Brownstone Highschool: Lobby, sitting on a box next to the right pillar.
  • Camp Woodwind: On Lover’s Bench, which can be found directly behind the Blue Tent.
  • Edgefield Streethouse: Second Floor Nursery Room, near the cradle.
  • Grafton Farmhouse: First Floor Twins’ Bedroom on the desk.
  • Maple Lodge Campsite: Walk to the end of the pier and look on the chair.
  • Prison: Walk into the Prison. Immediately on your right, look on the desk next to the metal detector.
  • Ridgeview Roadhouse: Second Floor Right Bedroom. The item can be found on a table.
  • Sunny Meadows: Inside the chapel, the Monkey Paw can be found propped up against the cross.
  • Tanglewood Streethouse: Dining Room, inside the cabinets.
  • Willow Streethouse: Look out for the hallway that separates the bedroom and basement. From there, look inside the cabinet.

How to Use the Monkey Paw in Phasmophobia

How To Use The Monkey Paw In Phasmophobia - Horror Game News

You must take up the Monkey Paw before speaking your request into the microphone in order to use it. With the Monkey Paw, you can make nine distinct known requests that have a range of outcomes. The positive results of your request typically come with an unfavourable one when you use the Monkey Paw, though. Your team’s Sanity, for instance, will be reset to an average of 50% if you state, “I hope for Sanity,” but it will deplete more quickly over time. 

You will be given a predetermined amount of wishes that you can use with the Monkey Paw, depending on your challenge setting or reward multiplier: 

  • 0x – 1.9x Rewards: 5 wishes
  • 2x – 2.9x Rewards: 4 wishes
  • 3x Rewards or higher: 3 wishes

Sunny Meadows is full of dispersed wishes for the Monkey Paw. These desires are merely a reminder of which ones you can use; they are not required in order to use the Monkey Paw. Also a final tip, remember to click a quick selfie with the Paw, you can get $5 and 5XP. We call it “influencer perks” in this town.

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