Where to Find AMR Sniper Rifle in PUBG Mobile

 Where to Find AMR Sniper Rifle in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile revolutionized the gaming industry by forging a new route for the Battleroyale genre, particularly for mobile gamers, as the game launched with some incredible in-game experiences for the players. PUBG continued releasing mind-bending improvements in the game, which kept users glued to their phone displays. These upgrades were occasionally criticized for introducing modifications that players did not agree with. Whatever occurred, they maintained the players’ interest in the game alive and made it one of the finest mobile games ever released. The primary point of the game is the weapons that are supplied to players without any particular effort. There are still some special weapons that players will have to find by making special efforts, and one such weapon is the AMR Sniper rifle. In this guide, we will cover where players can find the AMR sniper rifle.

New AMR Sniper Location in PUBG Moblie

AR Guns like AKM, M762, M416, and others are still the players’ preferred options among the weapons that spawn in the game. But there are some guns that players have to look around and search them in special areas to get them. Sniper rifles are rarely found in PUBG (excluding KAR98K, Mosin Nagant); at least the most effective sniper rifles, like Arctic Warfare Magnum (AWM), do not spawn randomly on the map, and it is only found in the airdrops, which are dropped time to time by airplanes in the game, these airdrops containing supplies along with these special snipers are dropped randomly inside the blue zone.

AMR is another sniper rifle that has been added to the game, and it also comes in airdrops only, but this weapon might be the next big thing beating its contemporary AWM because it used to deal the largest damage in this game but not anymore. AMR is now the numero uno weapon in PUBG, with the highest damage; AMR has 4 percent more damage than AWM, and it can also penetrate through vehicles. AMR uses .50ACP ammo to create mayhem in the game, but it is only spawned with ten rounds which can be a drawback of this gun as the ammo of this gun is not found on the ground or buildings, so once they run out of the ammo they have to search it in the airdrops again.

To conclude players have to be careful while searching for this weapon in the airdrop crates as enemies can kill you during the process.

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