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What to do when you have Phantom Cloak in Metroid Dread

What to do When you have Phantom Cloak in Metroid Dread

A much-awaited Metroid Dread is finally released on 8th October 2021. In this game, you will need to obtain all types of abilities and power-ups which will help Samus to find her way across the map. One of such important items is the Phantom Cloak that makes Samus invisible for a short period of time. However, many players don’t know what to do when they have Phantom Cloak in Metroid Dread. Let’s find out below.

What to do when you have Phantom Cloak in Metroid Dread

In Metroid Dread, there are several bosses to defeat and one of them is Corpius. He is the very first boss in this game. When you defeat him, go to the Northeaster part of the Artaria map in search of a Sensor-Lock door. Here are some simple steps to make your way once you get Phantom Cloak in Metroid Dread.

1. Go out from the boss room and climb over the blue wall. You need to use the Spider Magnet ability to search for a Sensor Lock door. Make sure to use the newly obtained Phantom Cloak to get through it.

2. You will see an enemy on the Samus, kill him, and start climbing up the corridor. In this section, on the top-right side, you will see a door, enter into it by using the Phantom Cloak.

3. In the following room, you should go downstairs and enter the bottom door that faces east.

4. In the next room, there is a missile tank, but you keep going to the right in the following room. However, if you want to take the missile tank, go upside and go again in the earlier room. But if you don’t want, keep heading on the right until you see a Save Room.

5. From this spot, you will see the Sensor Lock Door on the right side of the save room. You need to go into it and finally, you will find an elevator that will take you to the next location of Cataris, Metroid Dread.

That’s all for this guide on What to do when you have Phantom Cloak in Metroid Dread.

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