What does the Dynamo Grenade do in Halo Infinite?

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One of the reasons why Halo has been massively popular universally for 20 years is its incredible selection of weapons. Halo Infinite is the latest entry in the illustrious franchise. During the Beta period, players can try some of the modern weapons that the devs have introduced. One of the incredibly useful weapons in Halo Infinite is Dynamo Grenade. This weapon is the new addition to Halo Infinite. Many players are wondering what exactly Dynamo Grenade does in Halo Infinite. By going through the following guide, you will understand what exactly does it do?

What does the Dynamo Grenade do in Halo Infinite?

In Halo Infinite, Dynamo Grenade creates electricity in a small field that helps to slow and damage people who walk into the field. While other grenades cause instant explosion damage, Dynamo Grenade covers the adjoining part with electricity and so it causes damage subsequently to those people who stand inside the affected area.

There is another incredible use of the Dynamo Grenade weapon. It locks up vehicles that attempt to drive into the field, and thus, people sitting inside can be targeted easily. Its effect can be seen by the arcing electricity that covered the entire vehicle.

Players are having fun with this feature while especially using it on vehicles. It functions the same as the Power Drain from Halo 3. Dynamo Grenade feature in Halo Infinite can turn the battle in your favour.

That’s all you need to know what does the Dynamo Grenade do in Halo Infinite.

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