Oculus Quest 2

VR Oculus Quest 2 – How to Change Default Room

VR Oculus Quest 2 - How To Change Default Room

An individual Virtual Reality device from Oculus offers easy access to the whole thing that makes VR special. That delivers a high-quality VR experience at an affordable price to the front room with the minimum set-up. However, sometimes players want to change the default room. With the AR games, you spend plenty of time in the same home environment with your headset and so at one point in time, you would want to customize or change the default room in VR Oculus Quest 2. Luckily, players can now change the default room, and if you have no idea, how to do it, let’s find out here.

VR Oculus Quest 2 - How To Change Default Room

How to Change Default Room in VR Oculus Quest 2

Go through the following some easy and simple steps to enjoy a completely different virtual environment in VR Oculus Quest 2.

1. Open up the ‘Settings’ by pressing the Oculus button on your right controller.

2. Click on the “Settings” cogwheel icon.

3. Now, scroll down and click ‘Virtual environments’

4. In this menu, you will see a list of different rooms to choose from. 

5. Once you select your favorite room, then you can download it.

6. Once it is downloaded, then click on ‘Apply’ and the new room will be switched and applied.

In VR Oculus Quest 2, there are several different room options to choose from such as a winter lodge, a futuristic house, or a space station. However, if you don’t like any of these rooms, there are many others you can download and enhance your Virtual Reality gaming experience.

One important point to note here before downloading any new room is to make sure that your device has custom environments. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use any new room. Since the new environment features were just introduced last year, it is still being rolled out gradually and so your device might not have that feature yet.

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