Voelker’s Rig Location In You Are Not Authorized Side Mission – Dead Space Remake

Abhishek Rathore
Abhishek Rathore

For Science Fiction Horror fans and especially for the Dead Space fans this is wonderful news as Electronic Arts is back with this legendary game, the game is making a comeback with a new updated, and upgraded version, the Dead Space Remake. There are not many games that have made their places in the hearts of gamers, especially in the horror genre, but the 2008 version with the same name was a big hit and so is expected with this version also. Ishimura has a lot of puzzles that need to be solved, as well as a lot of places that need to be visited in order to gain some useful goods.

There are many collectible things in the game, however, finding them may be a problem for the players. Dead Space Crew Rigs are one such collectible that players have to find.

In this guide, we will discuss where to find Voelker’s Rig location in you are not authorized side mission in Dead Space Remake.

Location Of The Voelker’s Rig In The Dead Space Remake’s You Are Not Authorized Side Mission

Players will have to squint to find things inside the Ishimura Ship, which is in itself a riddle to be solved. Dead Space Crew Rigs are essential to completing the You Are Not Authorized side quest that grants Isaac multiple weapon upgrades that will be really helpful as these are the final upgrades to the weapons. The quest You are not authorized is unlocked in Chapter 4 while visiting the Hammond in the Captain’s nest on the Bridge Deck. On the right side of the deck, a console promising to provide Master Override Clearance will be found, here you will need these rigs.

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Voelker’s Rig is one of the Dead Space Crew Rigs that players have to find. It is the first rig that players must locate; during Chapter 2, Hammond sends you to the hangar with no gravity so you can easily return to the Engineering Deck. After reaching the location, fly to the deck’s left corner. You will find the Voelker’s Rig near the oxygen supply chamber.

We hope that the above guide was useful. The game is coming with multiple updates, and we will keep you updated with all the new features of Dead Space Remake. For more Dead Space Remake guides and other gaming content, visit our website.

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