Things to Know about Fire Emblem Engage

 Things to Know about Fire Emblem Engage

Intelligent Systems is here with its tactical roleplaying game, Fire Emblem Engage. It is the seventeenth edition of the Fire Emblem Franchise, and it has already been released for the gaming community. It has a pretty catchy storyline in which the Fell Dragon Sombron attacked the Land of Elyos to capture it, but some warriors, with the help of some heroes from the other world, were able to beat the Fell Dragon and repulse him off the Land of Elyos, during all this Alear the Divine Dragon rises from the thousand years sleep and protects the Elyos against the forces trying to intrude on the land, and then the things that he counters during the process. 

There are numerous additions that have been made to the game, but the Emblem Ring is one of the main attractions of the game, which will add more powers to the characters on equipping and so much more. Players will encounter a lot of new quests, puzzles, and activities that will offer them some fantastic rewards. There are different modes for the players to select from. There are still lots of things that need to be discussed about the game to get a clearer picture of the game.

In this guide, we will discuss the things to know about Fire Emblem Engage.

 Information on Fire Emblem Engage

There are activities; there is an adventure; there are quests; there are rewards, the Emblem Rings, and whatnot; players have got almost everything that they expect from a tactical RPG game like Fire Emblem Engage. But, there are certain things, or you can call them “the hacks,” you should know to get a smoother and easier gaming experience.

Let us discuss this here.

The very renowned weapon triangle, which is a combination of Sword Beats Axe, Axe Beats Lance, and Lance Beats Sword is back with the game.

Somniel is the new base for the players, where they will return after every game, and there are a number of activities that are directly connected to the Somniel.

A vast inventory is set up for the players for the weapons that the players will receive during the battles; players can even sell unusable weapons here or trade them with some other weapons also.

Two types of rings have been added to the game; the first one is the Emblem Ring, and the other one is the Bond Ring; Emblem ring will provide the power of Emblems, whereas the Bond ring is to boost the stats of the players.

After players have completed a mission, they can visit the battlefield and grab valuable items, and can adopt animals from here for further benefits in the future.

Players can track the movements of enemies by checking their radius by pressing LR and can plan their strategies accordingly.

Skills play a vital role in the game; there are five types of skills that players will have in the game. Inherited skills, Sync skills, Personal skills, Engage skills, and Class skills. All these skills will be earned through different abilities.

Terrain types will help you keep away from the enemies’ attacks and will also provide you with health benefits.

To conclude, there is so much more to experience in the game; go and enjoy it, and for more Fire Emblem Engage guides and other gaming content, refer to our website.

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