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The Best Perk Package to Use in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

The Best Perk Package to Use in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

One of the brand-new features added to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2‘s multiplayer is the Perk Package feature. The function faced intense scrutiny and criticism from the community when it was in beta. Even so, fans have begun coming up with ways of utilizing the new perk system. The time it takes for the Bonus and Ultimate Perks to charge up is fans’ main criticism of the new system.

However, the Perk Package system will probably be in the game, regardless of how people feel about it. In light of this, we concluded that players could find it useful to learn which perks to include in their packages at all costs. Although there are many options available to players, we believe that just a tiny handful of them truly stand out.

What is the Best Perk Package in Modern Warfare 2?

If you are confused about what perks to assign to your loadout, do not worry, it is natural considering the sheer number of choices available. This guide will mention the options for perks that we think are the best.

Base Perks

The first set of perks is known as Base Perks, and players equip them in the first slot of their Perk Package. These perks are available to players and do not require additional unlocking.

E.O.D. and Double Time are our top selections for the best Base Perks. To begin with, players may be perplexed as to why Battle Hardened is absent. At this point in the beta, the perk Battle Hardened is incredibly weak and falls short when tactical grenades hit players. We can see it rising to the best perks if it is improved. Till that day comes, we have Double Time and E.O.D. Since MW2’s lethal equipment is so potent, the fact that E.O.D. shields users from non-killstreak explosives is helpful. The next move is Double Time, which gives players an extended tactical sprint that is important in MW2 due to how slowly everyone moves. However, players shouldn’t use their tactical sprint close to enemies because of how loud their footsteps are.

Bonus Perk

In our opinion, High Alert & Fast Hands are the two potential perks for the Bonus slot. Given that the MW2 mini-map doesn’t function normally, we have considered opting for High Alert. Players won’t know where enemies are because they won’t be able to observe enemies firing on the map unless they have a UAV set up. Players are alerted when an opponent is staring at them when using High Alert, which functions somewhat as a replacement for the standard mini-map. Rushers benefit greatly from Fast Hands, but we believe that High Alert offers more advantages overall.

Call of Duty  Modern Warfare 2 (2022) ghost

Ultimate Perk

In the category of Ultimate Perks, Ghost is the only acceptable choice. Although Blind’s Eye is excellent for people who want a standard mini-map, Ghost is much more practical. When a UAV is active or when a player is near an enemy Portable Radar, Ghost always keeps them off the radar. Ghost in MW2 is an even more potent perk because it operates while players are stationary. Ghost can now be seen in MW2 multiplayer as a crutch perk, given the number of UAVs called in.

That concludes our choices for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2‘s top Perk Packages. Depending on the creators’ improvements, this may change when the game officially launches in October. You can check out more Modern Warfare 2 content by clicking on this link. Thanks for reading this article.

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