Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise – How to Use Boost Strikes

Tales of Arise - How to Use Boost Strikes

Tales of Arise features the Boost Strikes system that allows the player to perform powerful combination attacks together with another member of the team. These Boost Strikes are very powerful and perform one-hit-kill moves. Each character of the game can perform the Strikes against foes. However, these Boost Strikes are depended on some conditions such as lower an enemy’s HP Bar or High Combo Count and these must be met to initiate an attack. Below is a quick guide on how to use Boost Strikes in Tales of Arise.

How to use Boost Strikes in Tales of Arise

There are mainly two ways in order to execute Boost Strikes in Tales of Arise: 

1. Increase the Combo Counts

One of the ways to execute Boost Strikes is to have a great Combo Count. For this, you need to perform a combination of Artes Attacks, Regular Attacks, and Boost Attacks. The more you use combo attacks, the higher Combo Counts occur. 

2. Lower the Health of Your Enemy

Whenever you lower the health of your enemy, Boost Strikes will be increased. And, if you will do it with a combination of attacks, then Boost Strikes happen more frequently. Also, in this way, you can end the fight easily and quickly.

At the time of Boost Strikes, the term ‘STRIKE’ will be flashing on the screen. And then, pick a member using the button indicated for them to activate their attacks. Depending on which particular character you have as Support Members or Battle Members, you’ll need to press the Switch button to choose a Support Member for the Boost Strikes.

That’s everything for this guide on How to Use Boost Strikes in Tales of Arise.

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