Tales of Arise

Tales Of Arise – How to Heal

Tales Of Arise – How to Heal

Tales of Arise is an upcoming fast and fun-filled JRPG (Japanese Role-Playing Game) game developed by BANDAI NAMCO Studios which is going to release on September 10, 2021, for PS4, PS5, MS Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Tales of Arise has taken its franchise to the next level by restoring the traditional Tales combat system and crafting it more accessible. Like every battle game, it is obvious that you will take several damages during the fights. Fortunately, this game allows you to heal your character in certain ways. Let’s find out how to heal in Tales of Arise.

How to Heal in Tales of Arise

There are mainly two different ways to Heal – Manual Healing & Automatic Healing: Check out the following details to understand thoroughly.

Manual Healing in Tales of Arise

There are three different ways to heal manually in Tales of Arise:

1. By Using CP (Cure Points)

During the demo version, players have noticed that there is a Cure Points (CP) meter. To heal, your team uses these points to heal their health. However, these points do not recover frequently so use them carefully.

Outside of the battlefield, CP can also be utilized to heal the members. For this, open up the menu when you are in the field, and then click on the Recover button.

2. By Using Healing Items

One of the best ways to heal your team manually is to use Healing Items which you can use in and out of the battle. For this, navigate to the Items Menu and select an item that will restore the health of a single player or the whole team to full health. The best part of using Healing Items is that it won’t reduce your CP (Cure Points). However, once you use the items to recover, you will have to wait a bit to use them again.

3. By Resting at Inns or Camps

While you are in the field and got damages, take a break and rest at Inns or Camps. This way, the health of your party will be restored completely. When you’re out in the wild, just find out a campfire and then select the Rest option. It will start resupplying your CP as well as Health.

Automatic Healing in Tales of Arise

During the battle, non-player party members can use their Artes to heal the individuals or group when needed. If the Strategy is set to Focus on Healing, then team members can use Artes frequently in order to restore each other. In case the Cure Points run out, they use items to recover HP.

That’s all for this guide on How to Heal in Tales of Arise.

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