Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise – How to Farm Money

Tales of Arise - How to Farm Money

Currency is one of the essential parts of online games, especially in RPG-based games. With currency, you can buy items, materials, crafting accessories, and equipment. In Tales of Arise, Gald is the currency that is used in all the Tales game series. This currency can be earned through several means, including monster drops, selling and buying of Weapons, Materials, Consumables, Armor, etc. Here is a complete guide on how to Farm Money in Tales of Arise.

How to Farm Money in Tales of Arise

Below are several ways to farm more and more money (Gald Currency) in Tales of Arise.

1. Sell off Unused Equipment and Items

In Tales of Arise, there are several pieces of equipment and items which are valuable which you find while discovering the world. Some of them are valuable indeed while others are depending on your requirement and use. One of the best ways to farm money quickly is to sell out all such unused equipment and items that you don’t require. Specifically, if you are not going to use certain Weapons and Armor, then you can sell out in a shop and earn some gold.

2. Sell Out Commodities

Like other Materials, Items, and Equipment, you will also find some expensive Commodities. Actually, they don’t have any use. So, sell these Commodities at a shop is also one of the great options to farm money in Tales of Arise.

3. Mine Materials and Items and Sell

Materials and Items are not only scattered in Tales of Arise, but you can also mine them and collect them. There are several Mining Points spread throughout the game. 

In the area where you will Camp, there you can collect the Ores in a Mining Point and then take a Rest here at the Camp. When you wake up, you can again exploit the Mining Point. Keep repeating this same process and eventually, you will have a sufficient number of Materials and Items which you can sell out and farm money.

That’s all for this guide on How to Farm Money in Tales of Arise.

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