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Super Dragon Ball Heroes Tier List – Best Heroes for July 2022

Super Dragon Ball Heroes has some of the best heroes in the game. In this guide we have compiled them in different ranks, from best to worst heroes to get in Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes – Best Heroes Tier List for July 2022

We have ranked the heroes in Super Dragon Ball Heroes from God Rank, all the way to Rank 4. God Ranking heroes are the best heroes to get in the game, and are very valuable assets. Anything below God Rank is still acceptable, but they won’t put in the same amount of effort as the top tier heroes. And the heroes in the last ranks are not that favorable, but if it can’t be helped or if you are a beginner, then you can use them to learn the ropes of the game. Below we have segregated all the heroes from best to worst in Super Dragon Ball Heroes. 

God Rank

Card SectHero
UM2-031Goku: Super Saiyan (Beserk) (BS)
SH3-SEC3Vegito (Xeno): Super Saiyan 3 (BS)
SH2-SECCell (Xeno): Perfect (BS)
SH1-SEC2Vegito: SSGSS (EL)
SH4-SEC2Dark-Masked King (EL)
SH6-SEC2Great Priest (SP)
UM2-SECGoku: Ultra Instinct (BS)
UM2-SEC3Evil Saiyan (BS)

Rank Z

Card SectHero
SH5-SECGogeta (Xeno): Super Saiyan 3 (BS)
SH7-SEC2Dark Broly (BS)
UM2-034Vegeta: SSGSS (HR)
SH2-58Demon God Gravy (BS)
UM1-SECGoku: Ultra Instinct (HR)
UM2-SECGolden Cooler (EL)
UM1-62Gogeta (GT): Super Saiyan 4 (HR)
SH7-SECBardock: Super Saiyan 4 (EL)
SH2-SEC2 Bardock (Xeno) (HR)
SH6-SEC3Vegito (Xeno): Super Saiyan Kaioken (BS)
SH8-SECGogeta (Xeno): Super Saiyan 4 (HR)

Rank 1

Card Sect Hero
SH2-49 Goku (Xeno): Super Saiyan 3 (HR)
SH4-SECMechikabura (SP)
SH6-42Kale (BS)
UM1-63Broly: Super Saiyan 4 (HR)
SH2-60 Trunks (Future): Super Saiyan Rage (HR)
SH6-SECDark Demon God Buu (Xeno): Xeno Janemba Absorbed (EL)
UM1-19Vegeta: SSGSS (Evolved) (EL)
SH2-57Demon Goddess Putine (EL)
UM1-17Goku: Ultra Instinct -Sign- (HR)
SH5-33Golden Frieza (HR)
SH7-25Goku: Ultra Instinct -Sign- (HR)
SH8-SEC2King Vegeta (EL)
SH3-35Android 17 (HR)
SH8-53Bardock (Xeno): Super Saiyan 3 (BS)
SH5-50Gogeta (Xeno): Super Saiyan (EL)
SH8-52Supreme Kai of Time: Time Power Unleashed (EL)
SH4-36Hit (HR)
SH5-SEC2Janemba (Xeno): Evil Demon (EL)
SH8-21Goku: Ultra Instinct -Sign- (EL)
UM1-SEC2Jiren: Full Power (BS)

Rank 2

Card SectHero
SH1-SECRaditz: Super Saiyan 3 (BS)
SH3-59 Frieza: Riding Pod (SP)
SH4-59Demon God Salsa (EL)
UM1-59Goku (GT): Super Saiyan 4 (BS)
SH7-59Mira: Towa Absorbed (EL)
SH7-61Dark Masked King (BS)
SH1-40Zamasu (Fused) (BS)
UM1-59Goku (GT): Super Saiyan 4 (BS)
SH6-59Demon Goddess Towa (EL)
SH3-49Vegito (Xeno) (EL)
SH7-47Goku (Xeno): Super Saiyan 4 (BS)
SH1-54Demon Goddess Towa (HR)
SH6-43Caulifa: Super Saiyan 2 (BS)
SH4-29Vegeta: SSGSS (BS)
SH5-52Demon God Shroom (BS)
SH4-50Trunks (Xeno): Super Saiyan 3 (HR)
SH8-50Vegeta (Xeno): Super Saiyan 4 (HR)
SH6-25Goku (HR)
SH2-51Vegeta (Xeno): Super Saiyan 3 (EL)
SH5-39Jiren (HR)
SH3-27Goku: SSGSS (BS)
SH7-SEC3Kefla: Super Saiyan (HR)
UM2-037Mai (SP)
UM2-036 Trunks (Future): Super Saiyan Rage (HR)

Rank 3

Card SectHero
SH4-56 Turles (Xeno): Rampaging (BS)
SH8-47Goku (Xeno): Super Saiyan 4 (BS)
UM1-61Vegeta (GT): Super Saiyan 4 (EL)
SH2-59Gine (SP)
UM1-64Bardock: Super Saiyan 4 (EL)
SH1-29 Goku: SSGSS (HR)
SH5-58Gohanks (Xeno) (HR)
SH3-58Demon God Dabura (Xeno) (HR)
UM2-032Goku (Xeno): Super Saiyan 4 (EL)
SH1-60Bulma (SP)
SH7-42Dyspo (HR)
SH1-49Trunks (Xeno) (HR)
UM2-060Android 21 (EL)
SH1-50Vegeks (Xeno) (EL)
SH7-60Paragus (Xeno) (HR)

Rank 4

Card SectHero
SH8-61 Mechikabura (SP)
UM1-60 Gohan (GT): Super Saiyan 4 (BS)
SH6-46 Toppo (HR)
SH8-39 Analiza (SP)
UM1-54 Goku (EL)
SH7-43 Macarita (EL)
UM1-56 Trunks (Future) (HR)
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