Stardew Valley Rainbow Shell Guide

One of the most amazing games of recent years is Stardew Valley. The Rainbow Shell is a foraging item that is added recently in the game. It is required for the Mysterious Qi quest. You can get it at the Traveling Cart shop and also on the beach in the summertime. It can be sold for 900 to 1500 gold. If you want to get it, here we give you a complete guide:

How to Get Rainbow Shell in Stardew Valley

If you want to get it easily, the best time is to find it in the Summer – This item produces only in one season. If you are eager to get it or do not have time to wait, you can try your luck and use other ways to acquire it. Here we show you different ways to get Rainbow Shell in Stardew Valley.

1. In the Travelling Cart

Every now and then, Rainbow Shell is accessible for purchase in the Traveling Cart shop which you will find on the south of the farm on all Fridays and Sundays. It is situated in Cindersap Forest. 

Also, it appears every day on the Night Market (Winter 15-17). The merchant has a total of 10 items in which it will have 1 piece of furniture and sometimes an additional ‘Special Stock’ items. Its stocks change every day, so you can try to get a Rainbow Shell twice a week. Generally, as mentioned above, the cost of a Rainbow Shell is 900 to 1500 gold. So, you need to sell out your gold to buy this item off-season.

2. By Foraging

One of the easiest ways to get Rainbow Shell is foraging. To use this way, you will need to search around the beach south of Stardew Valley, specifically in the Summer season. Search a small shell with a blueish-green hue. 

3. Get it as a gift

It is also possible to get Rainbow Shell as a gift which is depended on how high your relationship levels in the game. 

Once you established your friendship with Demetrius, he will occasionally send gifts in the mail. However, it is very few chances that his gift is the shell. If you don’t mind a bit of save-scumming, it is possible to reload you save after receiving a pack from Demetrius until you’ll see the shell. Else, you could be given random gifts at the Winter Star Festival.

4. By farming

If you are expecting to farm for Rainbow Shells, then you need to set up a Rainbow Trout Fish pond. However, in this way, you will have a 2% of chance that a Rainbow Shell will spawn every day, as long as you’ve at least 9 Rainbow Trout in your pond. In addition, you can still fish for trout to prepare some of this game’s best recipes.

That’s all! These are the best ways to get Rainbow Shell in Stardew Valley. Did you try any of these options? Let us know, which method you liked to get Rainbow Shell?

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