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Customization is one of the most favorite features in a video game, and players love when their favorite in-game characters have a different appearance. So, most games include this feature, and Star Wars Jedi Survivor is no exception. If you have been playing the game, you are aware that Cal has different outfits, hairstyles, and beard styles available, and players need to find them to change the appearance of Cal. This guide will help you know where you can find Undercut Hair in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Where to Find Undercut Hair in Star Wars Jedi Survivor? Explained

Cosmetic items are nothing new in action-adventure games. If you have played action adventure games before, you have probably used cosmetic items to customize your in-game character and give him a unique appearance. While initially, all the in-game characters have the same look, eventually, these cosmetic items like outfits, hairstyles, and beard styles give them a different look.

In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, players can get lots of new outfits and hairstyles for Cal, and players can get most of them from chests here and there. Otherwise, a few must be purchased. Fortunately, Undercut Hair can be found from a chest at Halls of Ranvell. It is located in Jedha. Check the below map for the location-

Where to Find Undercut Hair in Star Wars Jedi Survivor? Explained

Once you appear at the marked location, start moving forward from the meditation point. Jump down and move right. On the wall, you will find the entrance to another cave. Go to that cave and move left. Climb up the next platform, turn around, and you will see another platform on the other side. Jump to that platform, and you will find the chest with Undercut Hair on that platform. Open the chest to get the Undercut Hair.

Once you get the hairstyle, you can equip the cosmetic item anytime by visiting the customization menu. Check the below steps to equip it-

1. Pause the game

2. Go to Customization

3. You will see all the cosmetics you own and can select one and equip it.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Undercut Hair cosmetics in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Remember, cosmetic items are only to change the appearance of the character. Unfortunately, if you desire perks or boosts from them, that’s impossible.

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