Sony Patents a System for Enabling Secret Communication Among Players

 Sony Patents a System for Enabling Secret Communication Among Players

Sony Patents a System for Enabling Secret Communication Among Players

Sony’s most recent patent application seeks to facilitate secret communication between players in multiplayer games via systems that monitor the actions of two groups. As multiplayer gaming has grown in popularity, teammates have communicated in a variety of ways, from proximity chat to third-party apps like Discord, but Sony may have found a new way to bridge the gap.

According to the Sony patent, the systems will primarily collect data on gestures made by two groups of players and the actions taken by the other players in response to these gestures using an image camera. Using this model, Sony systems could then generate a recommendation for one group of players without requiring the other group to enter any information. Based on this patent, this inference of communication versus a verbal link between players can be taken even further to generate even more responses based on the movements and actions of the two groups of players.

Sony Secret Communication System

Sony’s secret player communication patent includes systems that could eventually train artificial intelligence to recognize different gestures from one player in order to predict the actions of a second player. As multiplayer gaming has evolved, features such as rebooting have replaced respawning in games like Fortnite and Apex Legends, while the latter’s pinging system revolutionized how teammates communicate nonverbally. Sony’s new patent could be the latest multiplayer advancement, potentially preparing to take the next step in this method of players working together in games.

Sony claims that after observing and mirroring a large sample group, the trained communication AI will eventually be able to predict what players will do in a game. The AI will use its data to calculate the likelihood of player actions using a processor and memory device that work together to comb through all possible actions. Because this Sony patent is one of many that have recently been filed, it is currently unknown when PlayStation multiplayer fans will be able to use the secret communication tool that is being developed.

When implemented, the secret communications tool may be used in less competitive games such as Minecraft or Forza Horizon 5, but the

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