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Scarlet Nexus Boss Guide – How to Beat Kodama Melone

Scarlet Nexus Boss Guide - How to Beat Kodama Melone

Kodama Melone is one of the enemies in Scarlet Nexus. This boss has her own Brain Drive that makes her more dangerous and quicker. Although it is quite difficult to beat Kodama Melone once you learn the tactics, it will be easier for you to beat her. Here we have prepared a quick yet complete guide on how to Beat Kodama Melone in Scarlet Nexus.

How to Beat Kodama Melone in Scarlet Nexus

In order to beat Kodama Melone, follow these strategies. Mainly, there are 3 attacks given by Kodama Melone which you need to tackle while battling with this boss. 

Keep dodging her attacks

The very first attack she will give you is an AoE that has a knockback upshot and it does massive damage. This attack by Kodama is so quick and also, she knows very well how to dodge your attacks. So, you just learn well how to dodge her attacks effectively. You just keep jumping up and avoid her shockwaves. When she uses Brain Crush, don’t do anything and just wait for this attack to pass.

Scarlet Nexus Kodama Melone

Use your Sclerokinesis ability

Sclerokinesis is a very important Psycho-Kinetic ability. By using this temporary ability, your entire body will be hardened and you can reduce enemies’ attacks ineffective. By using Sclerokinesis ability, you will get a chance to attack her without getting damaged. But remember, this ability remains for a very short period of time so make sure to take maximum benefits while this ability is active.

Aim to break her Shield

Some of her attacks create a lot of confusion and you can’t do anything when you get hit by her. So, avoiding and dodging well is the only best solution. This effect will pass after some time. As we have mentioned in the intro, Psychokinesis is the weakness of Kodama, who uses this ability to break her shields more easily and quickly. Keep attacking while you get time in between of her attacks and eventually, she will fall down.

That’s how you can beat Kodama Melone in Scarlet Nexus. Use this strategy and easily beat Kodama Melone in no time.

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