Roguebook – How to Unlock All Characters

Roguebook is one of the great card-based roguelike games. It has 4 thrilling and unique heroes you can unlock and use. These characters have been trapped in the titular in this game and so you need to unlock them as these heroes will help you to fight with bosses. Each hero plays a completely different role from the others. The following guide will let you know how to unlock all of these interesting and powerful characters in Roguebook.

How to Unlock all Characters in Roguebook

At the starting of the game, you will start your gameplay with two characters. One of them offers heavy damage and substantial attacks. The other character mostly provides defence and keeps your team alive.

The other two characters which we are going to talk about are pretty tough to unlock but they are extra advance and provides more rewards. These two heroes are Seifer, Blood Tyrant, and Aurora Mythmaker. Let’s find out how to unlock these two characters.

Unlock Seifer, Blood Tyrant Character

Seifer, Blood Tyrant is the favourite character of many players. He has excellent defensive and offensive skills. When he reaches the max rage level, he transmutes to the different unique characters with additional effects. He is able to heal himself while beating enemies. Also, he can sacrifice HP for some extra damage.   

When you reach the end of Chapter one, you will need to defeat the boss here in order to unlock the Seifer character.

Unlock Aurora, the Mythmaker Character

It is pretty challenging to unlock Aurora, the Mythmaker character in Roguebook, as it spawns on the map randomly. At the time of exploring the map, check out the scroll icons. You might get a chance to exchange him for an item. He will request you to find out his missing teacup which is a special artifact that is visible usually on the map if that item is not available to collect.

It is not sure but we can assume that any of the maps that feature the teacup will also have Aurora if you’re able to find him. If you could find it, take the teacup and that’s how you can unlock Aurora, the Mythmaker character.

That is how you can unlock all characters in Roguebook.

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