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Roblox True Piece – Best Devil Fruits Ranked for July 2022

Roblox’s True Piece takes players on an adventure across the seas, and there are items you will get called Devil Fruits. In this guide we will see all the best Devil Fruits ranked in True Piece. 

Roblox True Piece – Best Devil Fruits Ranked for July 2022

If you want to level up, you will need to get your hands on Devil Fruits in True Piece. Devil Fruits can give you additional abilities, making you stronger in the game. But not all Devil Fruits are worth your time, so we have compiled a list of the best to worst Devil Fruits to own in True Piece. 

Devil Fruits are ranked from S+ Rank all the way to D Rank. Fruits under the S+ Rank are worth your time to get, as they are very powerful fruits. Anything else below it is also fine, but you will need to get your hands on the next fruit ranks to get the best results. And last, D ranking fruits should be avoided, unless you are a beginner and you are trying to learn the game by having common Devil Fruits. Below we have segregated all the Devil Fruits from True Piece. 

Rank S+ – Phoenix Fruit

Rank S – Mochi Fruit, Rubber Fruit

Rank A – Ice Fruit, Magma Fruit, Dark Fruit, Lightning Fruit, Snow Fruit, Tremor Fruit.

Rank B – Spino Fruit, Gravity Fruit, String Fruit, Light Fruit, Fire Fruit

Rank C – Barrier Fruit, Sand Fruit, Operation Fruit, Smoke Fruit

Rank D – Chop Fruit, Bomb Fruit

That’s all there is to know about Devil Fruits ranked in True Piece. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well. 

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