Returnal – How to Beat Nemesis – Boss Fight Guide

Returnal is one of the most recent Roguelike and Bullet Hell mixed game that offers the fluid, rich, and incredibly addictive action-packed game. In this game, one of the aliens you will encounter at the very top of Derelict Citadel is Nemesis. This is an enormous boss that you battle from a stationary platform. This boss never uses melee attacks, it only attacks with laser and orbs. Since dodging and attacking are quite tricky, this guide will be helpful to you.

How to Beat Nemesis in Returnal – Boss Fight Guide

This enemy will attack you in phases. So, here we have explained how to dodge and attack in each phase.

Phase 1

This boss is looking like a rock or a mountain. All you need to do here is keep moving left and right to avoid all of the orbs it is throwing at you. Also, keep shooting at the red glowing piece on his ‘chest’ which is the middle part of this alien. You just need to dodge orbs and target to shoot on its chest.

Phase 2

After completing Phase 1, Nemesis will crumble the floor and relocate to Phase 2. Here you will use your Hookshot to get on the other platform which is facing the boss. This phase is similar to phase 1 but here you will get more attacks from the main boss such as bullet hell, shockwaves, and sweeping lasers. Just keep dodging by moving from one place to another and keep firing on that red weak spot at all times. 

Phase 3

Once phase 2 will finish, Nemesis will become more furious and it will blow you away. You will be free falling and use your Hookshot to climb up onto solid platforms and thus, go closer to Nemesis. 

It will throw huge swirls at you but you just leap from platform to platform and thus, you will be able to avoid most of it. Along with it, keep attacking it using a combo of your grapple hook, constant fire, and dashes. We recommend using Thermogenic Launcher, Tachyomatic Carbine, or a Hollowseeker.    

That’s all for this guide on how to beat Nemesis in Returnal. Also learn, How to Destroy Enemy Shields in Returnal?

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