Resident Evil Village – How to Pick Locks

When you explore the world of Resident Evil Village, you’ll come across various locks and locked objects. These closed objects can be opened only with a pick. At first, the lock-picking system is quite confusing, so to learn more about this system, here is our guide on how to pick locks in Resident Evil Village.

How to pick locks in Resident Evil Village

When you make your way through the different areas of Resident Evil Village, you will find several locks that can be opened only with a pick. If you try to open such locks without one, the message “easy to pick” lock will appear. This message suggests what you need to open the lock, which is a pick. Generally, lockpicks are located close to the locked cabinets and drawers that you need to open.

You can find Lockpicks in various ways, such as buying them from Duke, or also you can find them hidden in the different levels.

Once you’re able to acquire a pick, picking a lock is quite easy. All you need to do is zoom in on the locked things that you want to open. Press the Browse button and open the menu. From the menu, choose the pick. This will activate an animation in which the lock opens. You will usually find treasures or resources within the locked things you chose.

Thus, the system itself is simple. But finding the picks to use is a bit more complicated. Note that a lock pick is single-use, so you’ll need to purchase numerous lock picks to open all the locks in the game.

That’s all you need to know how to pick locks in Resident Evil Village. Check out more guides like this on our website.

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