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Resident Evil Village – How to Increase Inventory Space

Resident Evil Village - How to Increase Inventory Space

There will never be enough space for all types of items in Resident Evil Village. You start the game with certain item slots but key items such as weapons, heals, ammo and other useful tools add up quickly. As you progress in the game, you will find larger weapons and more gear that need bigger space to keep your inventories. So, let’s quickly learn how to increase inventory space in Resident Evil Village.

How to Increase Inventory Space in Resident Evil Village

If you want to increase the size of your inventory space, you need to buy some Extra Baggage which is available at the merchant.

Space which you get initially can be increased immediately but it will cost you 10,000 Lei. So, rather than spending a huge amount just to increase the inventory space, we recommend saving money as you will need it to explore the castle.

There will be several opportunities to unlock Extra Baggage during the play, so the best option is to keep a good amount of money with you to buy the next item slot boosters. You should keep checking The Duke’s inventory every time is the best practice to check if any item slot increase is available or not. Also, it is listed as the top-left item so that is quite easy to spot out.

The second opportunity to increase inventory space happens when you defeat Lady Dimitrescu and return to the village. However, it will cost you 30,000 Lei and it will keep increasing every time.

If you don’t have sufficient space to store items in it, it is advisable to manage your inventories properly so you could not miss any vital healing items, ammo, and other useful equipment.

That’s all for this guide on How to increase inventory space in Resident Evil Village.

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