Resident Evil Village – How to Heal Ethan’s Arm | Reattach Ethan’s Hand

Even in this 8th season of Resident Evil, Ethan once again loses his hand. Now you must be wondering, can I go back and stop Ethan’s hand from being cut off? The answer is No as this is supposed to happen, and you can’t stop it. It is a plot point intended by the developers. It is not possible that he reattaches it again with surgery but there is surely a way to get it fixed in Resident Evil and that’s what you will learn here.

How to Heal or Reattach Ethan’s Arm in Resident Evil Village

When Ethan is on his way through Castle Dimitrescu, in the Dungeon, he gets a switch to open a passage but sadly, Lady Dimitrescu cuts his hand through his arm. Now, Ethan will grab his detached hand and put it back in his pocket. But, Lady Dimitrescu takes his shooting hand so you need to beat her instead of blasting. This part is not quite tough as there are several obstacles between Dimitrescu and Ethan.

Once you run away from the Dungeon, they will find themselves on a lift. This is the opportunity to catch Ethan’s breath and take care of his arm. 

In the earlier version RE7, when Papa Baker loses his leg, Ethan used to pour First Aid medication all over his wounds and attach it again, which helps to heal them instantly. But here, Lady Dimitrescu is not as kind as Jack, so Ethan needs to use his First Aid. 

So, to reattach his arm again in Resident Evil Village, you just need to keep playing the game ahead. Once you through Lady Dimitrescu, he will manage the rest.

That’s everything you need to know how to heal Ethan’s Arm in Resident Evil Village.

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