Resident Evil Village – How to Beat Daniela | Armory Daughter Boss Fight

In the game Resident Evil Village, Daniela is one of the three Dimitrescu Daughters. They are lumbering and creepy. Beating her is quite a similar experience to kill her sisters. Although it’s going to be a little bit tough, once you know her weakness and some tactics, it will be easier for you to beat.  

Here we are going to give you a complete Armory Daughter Boss Fight guide in Resident Evil Village.

How to Beat Daniela in Resident Evil Village

Here is a quick yet complete guide on how to beat Daniela in Resident Evil Village.

Distance yourself

Keep distance plays a very important role in the fight. Daniela uses her abilities and so she can gain around on you so quickly. You simply turn your back to her and start running circularly. You can also collect ammo if you want them.

Once you’re able to open the sunroof, shoot her from a safe distance.

Keep closing the lever of the sunroof

The biggest weakness of Daniela is a cold wave, so you need to find the best way to drop the temperature in the room. 

You will get to see a lever fixed in one of the pillars at the center part of the room. You can use this to let cold air in that makes Daniela vulnerable. You can do it by:

– Move the shelf on the wall

– Or by using a Pipe Bomb to blow up

However, she won’t let you do it. She will run behind bookshelves to protect herself. When you hear a click sound of the lever, run back to it, and wait for some time so you can use it again. Since this is her biggest weakness, keep shooting on her, and in the end, she will die.

That’s everything you need to know about how to beat Daniela in Resident Evil Village | Armory Daughter Boss Fight guide.

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