Psychonauts 2 – How to Increase Psitanium Capacity

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

Psitanium is psychoreactive and a very rare mineral in Psychonauts 2. It is the main currency and it looks like a cluster of dark purple rocks and is available in various sizes. This currency can be used to buy several upgrades from Otto-Matic shops which you will find mostly in the Motherlobe hub area. When you start playing the game, you will have only 100 Psitanium and at one point in time, you won’t have much as you will need to spend them at an Otto-Matic machine. In the below guide, you will learn how to increase Psitanium Capacity in Psychonauts 2.

Psychonauts 2 – How to increase Psitanium Capacity?

At the beginning of the game, you will need to purchase upgrades from an Otto-Matic machine which will ultimately increase your Psitanium Capacity. Let’s learn how?

1. Psifold Wallet upgrade

The Psifold Wallet will cost you 75 Psitanium. So, make sure to have a sufficient amount of Psitanium before you take it.

However, you can also upgrade the same at the time of exploring the Motherlobe. To start collecting Psitanium as soon as you begin the game, make sure to check around several shrubs and bushes in the Motherlobe for some small-sized purple stuff from the ground. Many of them will have up to 5 Psitanium. Keep collecting those and thus you will be able to stack up against your Psitanium in Psychonauts 2 and so you can buy the Psifold Wallet upgrade.

You can buy this upgrade at any time you visit the Otto-Matic vending machine. However, we recommend obtaining this upgrade early as it will boost up your maximum limit from 100 Pstitanium to 1,000.

2. Astral Wallet Upgrade

This is another way to increase your Psitanium Capacity. When you buy the Psifold Wallet, the Astral Wallet will become available for only 750 Psitanium which will let you hold up to 5,000 Psitanium.

3. Get the Mental Magnet Pin

Obtain the Mental Magnet Pin for only 200 Psitanium from the Otto-Matic machine. However, for this, you have to be at Intern Rank 8 at least to unlock this Pin. This pin will increase Raz’s pickup radium and that will allow you to collect loads of Psitanium.

That’s it – These 3 upgrades will help you to increase Psitanium capacity in Psychonauts 2. Also, check out our next post – How to Switch Psychic Abilities in Psychonauts 2.

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