Outriders – How to get Titanium

Outriders - How to get Titanium

Outriders is the most recent Loot and Shoot game developed by ‘People Can Fly’. Although you’ll find many powerful weapons and armor in the game, you won’t be able to unlock their true potential without crafting. There are 4 types of materials – Titanium, Iron, Anomaly Shards, and Leather – Each of these can be used for different crafting features.

Amongst all these four, Titanium can be used to upgrade epic, rare, and legendary gear. So, it is important to get this material in Outriders.

Following is a quick guide on how to get Titanium in Outriders:

How to Get Titanium in Outriders

Remember that you won’t be able to get Titanium until you complete some of the parts of the game. Since it comes mainly from dismantling Legendary or Epic weapons, so you won’t get it initially.

Also, you will not get your first Epic Drop until you beat the Eagle Eye camp boss, so do not expect them until you are near the level 15 and 16.

Following are Some of the Methods to Get Titanium in Outriders

1. To acquire Titanium, you will first need to dismantle Legendary and Epic items. Also, Titanium can be dropped from Sturdier Enemies like Captains, Bosses, or High-tier.

2. And they will also be dropped occasionally from Ore Veins which you will find around the Outrider’s various areas. However, these are rare. So, you need to focus on some solid method of getting Titanium.

4. The final method to get Titanium is by ranking up your World Tier. It will start dropping as a world-tier reward after unlocking any after Tier 9, which makes the practical source of this important and rare material.

3.Also, Anomaly Shards are some of the rare and most important since they can be used to upgrade a weapon’s level or perk. However, it comes from all dismantled items, you will only get 1 or 2 at best.

We recommend dismantling any of your Legendary or Epic weapons or armors which you are not using any longer. This is an easy and simple method to get Titanium. As we have mentioned above, not all weapons suit your playstyle so dismantling is the best solution. Of course, you can also dismantle any duplicates weapons which you’ll get.

That’s all for this guide on how to get Titanium in Outriders. If you want to learn more about this game, do not miss to check out on our other posts and guides. Learn How to Enable Auto Loot in Outriders.

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