New World

New World – Where to Find Water Mote

New World - Where to Find Water Mote

Water Mote is one of the items which you will need to craft several recipes in New World. However, it is quite difficult to get early in the game. When you start playing the same, the Alchemy resource is not something that you will need probably in the game. But, once you will start collecting your abilities, you will be able to obtain them as crafting materials for Furnishing, Arcana, Stonecutting, and Armoring. However, it is not yet clear about the location where you can get the Water Mote, but one way is sure and that’s what we are going to discuss here. Now, without any further ado, let’s find out where to find Water Mote in New World.

Where to Find Water Mote in New World

In order to find out Water Mote in New World, first of all, you will need to find out a Blue Plant which is also called as Rivercrests which are floating in the water and near the water sources or end of rivers. 

New World - Where to Find Water Mote

When you harvest this plant using a sickle, you will be able to obtain Water Mote. Also, make sure to have at least one Flint Sickle so that you can collect the plants. 

In order to craft a Sickle, you can make it at work station in a settlement or a campfire. 

Items require to craft a Sickle:

– 1 Flint

– 1 Green Wood

Once you craft a Sickle, you’re ready to make Water Mote which you will use to craft the following recipes in New World.

– Elemental Heart

– Cut Flawed Aquamarine

– Weak Oakfish Balm

– Water Wisp

That’s it! Hope you find this guide helpful to play one of the massively popular games. Also learn, New World Azoth Guide – How to Get Azoth?

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