New World

New World – Where to Find Oil

New World - Where to Find Oil

Oil is one of the essential crafting materials in the New World. It can be used to make several things. In this game, the Oil is known as ‘Seeping Stone’. It is a black-colored liquid element that you can use in your recipes. However, it can only be found in one single area. If it seems tough for you to find Oil in New World, here are the details of the locations from where you can find Oil in the New World.

Where to Find Oil in New World

In the game of New World, there is particularly only one area where oil is available in large quantity. And that spot is Southern Weaver’s Fen. There will be a bunch of nodes in the South of the area. But be careful as this location is very close to Monsters. You just cannot go and grab the oil. It is a little bit of a tough job as first of all you will need to fiddle with the node before you reach the Oil resource.

New World Oil Locations Map

In order to get it easily without any more effort, we recommend strengthening your Mining skill to 45. If you’ll set it to 20, you will only be able to collect oil but with 45, you will get the ability to track it.

Once you set it to 45, you will be able to see nodes on the compass. With this, you can easily spot them even in a mushy or dark area.

Since Oil resource is very rare, you can expect a lot of other players in this area to get Oil. So, you will have to wait for some time and it will take around 15 minutes for one Seeping Stone to respawn. Also, there will be several Non-PvP flagged players who will pull mobs on you and will snatch oil from you. So, make sure to get to have a tolerable level and get ready to fight mobs if require.

Since this game is in the preview event, as of now, there is only one location where players can find out Oil. We hope the developer will add more such locations in the final version of the game.

That’s all for this guide on Where to Find Oil in New World.

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