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New World Peppercorn Locations – Where to Find

New World Peppercorn Locations - Where to Find

Eating food can give players specific buffs and so cooking is one of the activities in New World. In order to cook delicious food in New World, you will be requiring different types of herbs. There are a total of 12 herbs you can find and use to make food and Peppercorn is one of them. Let’s find below where to find Peppercorn in New World.

Where to Find Peppercorn in New World

To find out Peppercorn in New World is very easy. You can collect it by harvesting herbs while you explore the world. So, mainly you have to find herbs and harvest them to obtain Peppercorn out of them.

And these herbs you can find in Everfall, Windsward, Monarch’s Bluffs, and First Light. These are the best spots where you can easily find Herbs to harvest.

Also, make sure to check out the following particular locations to find Peppercorn in Monarch’s Bluffs location in New World.

– Below the Bayhowl Burrow

– Above the settlement

– Below the Devils Quarry

– Opposite side of the Crone’s Rest

– Close to the Arruda Ranch

Once you obtain Peppercorns, you can use them in a total of 25 dishes but make sure you are at the right Cooking level to cook them and also make sure that you have unlocked recipes. By making each meal, you will level up your cooking. You can also get some additional recipes by opening provision crates in Aeternum.

That’s all for this guide on Where to Find Peppercorn in New World.

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