New World

New World – How to Craft Bullets

New World - How to Craft Bullets

New World is an upcoming MMO game developed by Amazon Game Studios. This game has several different types of weapons. One of the main weapons is the Musket that needs bullets for firing. However, you won’t find Bullets for Musket weapons while exploring. And so, you will have to craft its Bullets by yourself. Here we are going to learn how to craft Bullets in New World.

How to Craft Bullets in New World

In order to craft Bullets, you have to go through two steps: Making Gunpowder and Crafting Bullets. Let’s learn about both of these processes.

Before we proceed to the process, you first need to head to the engineering workshop. You can find the location of the workshop on the map. This workshop will allow you to craft various items such as bullets, muskets, and bows. Now, let’s begin the process to craft Bullets in New World.

Making of Gunpowder:

To craft Gunpowder, first of all, you have to make 3 collectibles. For this, you will need the following items:

– 10 Charcoal (You will get it by chopping applicable woods)

– 5 Flints (It can be found on the coastlines)

– 1 Fire Mote (This can be obtained from several plants)

All of these items are enough to make 10 Gunpowder at a time. Once you will complete this first step, you can then move ahead to craft Bullets.

Making of Bullets:

In order to craft Bullets, you will be needing following items:

– 5 Gunpowder (This you have just crafted in the above step)

– 5 Ingots (Ingots available in several different types that depends what sorts of Bullets you need)   

– 5 Linen (Ingots can be made at the loom using Fibers that can be reaped from Hemp plants)

Using all of these items, you can easily make 25 Bullets in New World.

That’s all for this guide on How to Craft Bullets in New World.

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