Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) – How to Get Well-Done Steak

Like other Monster Hunter titles, Monster Hunter Rise also has a lot of side quests which you need to complete to get some of the Zenny and Rewards. As soon as you arrive in Kamura Village, you will get the first request from Elder Fugen. He will request you to deliver Well-Done Steak. He needs only one steak to complete the mission but if you’re not experienced with some of the survival aspects, it can be tricky. Here in the following guide, we will show you on how to get Well-Done Steak for Elder Fugen.

How to get Well-Done Steak for Elder Fugen in MH Rise

In Monster Hunter Rise, to get well-done steak for Elder Fugen, you need to combine Raw Meat with BBQ Spit. Here are steps to follow:

1. If you will check in your item box that is situated near the Elder’s place, you will find an item called ‘Raw Meat’. This is the meat got from monsters and it can be easily cooked into a delicious steak well done.

2. Next, you need to take this raw meat and keep it in your inventory bag and then go out in the field over a mission. It does not matter which mission you will choose, as long as you can utilize your items as usual.

3. Once you’re on a mission, you’ll find an item in your bag called the BBQ Spit – it is red colored and should be next to the other fixed items like the thrown Kunai and Whetstone. As long as you have some raw meat in your bag, you can use this item. This will cause a fire pit to show and also an animation will start playing.

4. You need to keep cooking meat for a few seconds till it changes its color. Once it is cooked properly, the meat will change into a well-done steak. If you will leave the food on cooking, it will burn. If it happens accidentally, you can again try until you have the stock of raw meat.

5. Once the food is cooked and ready, you need to return to the Kamura Village and talk to Elder Fugen. He will take the well-done steak and award you with Potions. If you want to eat steaks during the hunt, it will restore your stamina level which you’ll see in the “Yellow Bar” below the health bar on the left side of the screen.

That’s all and this is how you can get well-done steak for Elder Fugen.

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