Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) – How to Craft New Weapons and Upgrade

Like all Monster Hunter games including its new title Monster Hunter Rise, the main part is to turn the monsters you kill into magnificent armor and weapons. In MHR, you hunt monsters, create something great and powerful from it, and then it allows you to take on the next monster. Thus, you can continue the cycle through loads of monsters throughout the game. Upgrading and forging are quite simple in MH Rise, it is one of the key things you will be doing over the next few years of MHR lifecycle. 

However, in the following guide, you will learn how to craft new weapons and upgrade them to make you the Pro hunter.

How to Craft New Weapons in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

Crafting a new weapon in MH Rise is very simple. To do this, here are the instructions:

1. Once you collect the monster parts from smaller monsters in the environment, ore, or bones – take along them to the Steelworks in Kamura Village.  

2. Talk to the Smithy and select Forge/Upgrade weapon.

3. Next, you need to pick the weapon type you want to forge or upgrade. 

4. Select your choice and the Smithy will show you a big tree.

5. You will see any information on this page but do not worry! On the left side, you will see monster names and also a little node with your weapon’s icon on it.

6. The farther right the node is, the more powerful and expensive the weapon, and the farther left, the weaker and cheaper the weapon.

7. You will need to start with a weapon on the left and upgrade it to a powerful weapon.

8. You can forge a weapon with the T symbol even if you have not crafted the earlier one. Usually, such weapons start a new branch through the tree, during your mission. Thus, your weapons may start at Rarity 3 which is a better weapon than Rarity 1.

How to Upgrade Weapons in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

In the game of MH Rise, forging and upgrading both are on the same menu. However, you can only craft certain weapons. If you want to have a better version of your existing weapons, you need to upgrade them.

Rather than looking for a T-shaped icon when you are forging, you will need the box icon for upgrades. The box indicates that you own this weapon already.

You will start using weapons with their basic version of every weapon type, but if you can collect sufficient materials for it, you will be able to upgrade it to make it more powerful.

To upgrade your weapons, you need to talk to the Smithy in Kamura Village, you will find him across the Village quest counter and select the Weapons option. Then select the branch you want and then confirm your selection with the ‘A’ button if you’ve got the necessary materials for it.

That’s all! This is how you can craft new weapons and upgrade them. Learn more about How To Play Online Multiplayer and Local Co-Op in Monster Hunter Rise.

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