Monster Hunter Rise – How to Get Outfit Vouchers

In MH Rise, the Outfit Voucher can be obtained as a Quest Bonus Reward for quests with certain conditions of HR8 or higher, possibly as forging layered armor is one of the features that you can unlock upon reaching HR8. As there are only a few Outfit Vouchers you can obtain in every hunt, you need to put effort to get it. However, after following these instructions, you can get it easily.

How to Get Outfit Vouchers in MH Rise

To get Outfit Vouchers in MH Rise, you just go ahead in the game and complete as many hunts as possible to obtain them. There are two ways to get Outfit Vouchers:

Complete HR7 and above quests

Mainly, you only need to complete high-rank objectives and you’ll be able to get Outfit Vouchers. Those quests which have HR7 and above contain these vouchers as the bonus reward. Thus, if you’re a fashionable player, you need to complete these quests and obtain them.

But remember, it will add a cosmetic value only and it won’t provide any other benefit to your stats. Also, you won’t get any boosts. It just gives a new look and aesthetic to your avatar.

In the Serpent Goddess of Thunder Quest

Even if you’ve unlocked the Serpent Goddess of Thunder Quest in HR7, it seems that still you can obtain Outfit Vouchers as a Quest Bonus Reward from it. Thus, if you still want to farm Narwa, you’ll surely see Outfit Vouchers in your hunts.

But, it is important to know that you’ve to provide one Outfit Voucher for every Layered armor piece and it goes the same for your buddies as well. So, to get it, go ahead and start hunting.

That’s it for this guide on How to get Outfit Vouchers in Monster Hunter Rise. Also, learn – How to Get Narga Medulla in Monster Hunter Rise?

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