MLB the Show 21 Server Status – How to Check if the Servers Are Down

MLB the Show 21 servers are down again at the time of writing this post. The game has been struggling through server issues ever since its launch. The unannounced server issues are causing frustration in players are they are losing game progress having to start all over again. Here is the latest on MLB the Show 21 Server Status.

SIE San Diego’s popular baseball simulator franchise offers the latest title in the series – MLB the Show 21. Unlike the past titles, it’s not an exclusive title for the PS4, but the next-gen PS5 and the Xbox console via another franchise. There are several new features added to the game. But, like all online games and the previous title in the series, there is always a chance that you would run into a server issue with the game that’s would prevent you from playing. Here is how to check if MLB the Show 21 server status to identify if the servers are down.

How to Check if the MLB the Show 21 Servers Are Down | Server Status

When the servers are down, you won’t be able to play the game. There are various reasons the servers can go offline – for routine maintenance, glitch caused by over demand, or the developers can take it down to improve a feature or correct some bugs and errors with the game. Regardless of the cause, if the servers are down, you won’t be able to continue with the game.

Most of the errors you get when the servers are down are the same as when there is a network problem on your end. This can be confusing, so you need to verify the status of the servers before you start troubleshooting your connection.

There are a few ways you can check if there is a problem with the servers of the game. If the servers are down for maintenance, the devs would put that on the official Twitter handle of the game. However, unplanned or glitches with the server may not be reported in Twitter. For that, you can go to the Downdetector website and check if there is a problem with the servers. You can read through user comments to identify if other players are having the same problem. The website also has a graph that indicates the time of the day when the game had or is currently having a server problem.

Once you have identified a server problem, just relax as the servers usually come back online in less than an hour and sometimes even within minutes.

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