MLB The Show 21: How to Get Diamond Jason Giambi in Diamond Dynasty

In the new version of MLB The Show 21, players have different progression tracks so that they can progress their ways. One of these is Diamond Jason Giambi. However, it is not quite simple to unlock. First of all, you need your rookie card.

Unlock Rookie Jason Giambi

To get Diamond Jason Giambi, the first step is to take his rookie card. For this, first, you need to proceed your way through April’s Daily Reward program. Jason Giambi’s card asks you to do just 5 daily challenges.

How to Get Diamond Jason Giambi in Diamond Dynasty | MLB The Show 21

In order to get Diamond Jason Giambi, you need to through two different stages. Here are the details: 

Stage 1 to Unlock Diamond Jason Giambi

The first stage is quite simple. In this, all players need to complete 2 different moments with Giambi to proceed to Stage 2. It will give you 10 points on the track that will give you a pack and some Stubs.

Stage 2 to Unlock Diamond Jason Giambi

In this stage, all you need to focus on Diamond Dynasty. After completing this stage, it will bring new missions, an exchange option, and moments. You no need to do everything to through this stage. So, pick and select which objectives you think are the simplest and easiest to finish.

You have 4 moments that will give you 5 points reward and also an exchange which will give you 10 points to turn in the first baseman. Besides this, Giambi has 4 missions to complete for 10 points each.

– Online: Tally 5 hits with Rookie Jason Giambi

– Online: Tally 5 extra-base hits with Yankees

– Tally 10 total bases with Rookie Jason Giambi

– Tally 3 home runs with the first baseman

Overall, this game allows the player to play any game mode and level up, and earn other rewards and experiences they want. Whether you enjoy Diamond Dynasty, RTTS, or testing skills online against other players, there are many ways to progress and earn rewards – So you just enjoy this incredible game!

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