MLB The Show 21 – How to Get Byron Buxton

Recently, Byron Buxton’s 95 overall lightning diamond card is just released. Byron Buxton is the ideal Centerfielders in the game of baseball and he is one of the excellent additions to any Diamond Dynasty team. However, like any other expert players, it is quite tough to get. So, here we have come up with an ultimate guide on how to get Byron Buxton MLB The Show 21.

How to Get Byron Buxton in MLB The Show 21

First of all, it is very important to know that you can’t buy the Single 95 Diamond Byron Buxton card from the marketplace, otherwise, it would be very easy to get.  

It is a very lengthy process to get Byron Buxton as you need to complete several missions and moments in MLB The Show 21. So, first, you will need to finish missions in the ‘Topps Now’ missions and moments in the April monthly awards programs. Also, you will need to complete a collection that has 25 cards to get.

If you are one of the players who have already completed Topps Now, it will be easier for you to get Byron Buxton easily and quickly. However, still, you’ll have to finish the April Monthly Awards program to get all of the cards.

There is a total of 9 moments to finish for April tasks in the Diamond Dynasty team. After completing those 9 tasks, you will get 4 monthly award points.

There are a total of 11 missions to finish that will give you several points that can be complete by playing in ‘Battle Royale’, ‘Play Vs CPU’, ‘Conquest’, ‘Ranked Seasons’, ‘Extra Innings’, and ‘Events’.

Once you complete April’s missions and moments successfully, you can then earn the Byron Buxton. So far, no one has upgraded the card to the Superfractor Parallel, so we wish you the best!

That’s it for this guide on How to Get Byron Buxton in MLB The Show 21.

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