MLB The Show 21 – How to Check Swing

In the game of MLB The Show 21, many tools help us to dominate the plate when we step up to bat. One of the most important and useful tools is to Check Swing. The use of this tool is to stop your player’s bat mid-swing. Thus, if you press the X button (A on Xbox) to turn on a standard swing and if you notice that the ball is going out of the striking zone, then you can check your swing so the ball can be passed. Let us learn here how to Check Swing in MLB The Show 21.

How to Check Swing in MLB The Show 21

To check Swing in MLB The Show 21 is quite simple and easy. You need to tap the swing button rather than holding it down. It will also tell if the player has hit it in time or late. Similarly, if you’re using analog controls, just stop moving the thumbstick. If you hold the stick in a direction, you’ll commit to the swing but letting go results in a check swing.

Thus, all you need to do is the time your swing properly for a maximized hit in the game. The main and important point is to select the right swing from Normal, Power, and Contact Swing. Also, you need to see the power amount used by the pitcher. Keep these things in mind while playing MLB The Show 21 against your friend. The player can turn on and off this feature by going in the Advanced Settings option.

That’s how you can Check Swing in MLB The Show 21. It will take a bit of time to learn it but once you understand, this is a very useful feature.

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