Microsoft Account Hacked by Account – What to Do Next

 Microsoft Account Hacked by Account – What to Do Next

Many users have reported that a Microsoft account was hacked by a account. These incident has raised concerns about the security of Microsoft accounts and the potential consequences for users whose accounts have been compromised.

The method by which the account was able to hack into the Microsoft account is not yet known, but it is possible that the hacker used a technique known as phishing. Phishing involves the use of fake emails or websites that appear to be legitimate, but are actually designed to trick users into entering their login credentials. Once the hacker has access to the login information, they can then use it to gain access to the user’s account.

According to some users on Reddit, is not a hacker; it’s a virus and marketplace that is primarily used for the stole and sale of stolen game accounts. If your Microsoft account is linked to an email that ends with, it is likely that it has been compromised by this virus and is being sold in the marketplace.

How to Recover Hacked Account?

If you suspect that your Microsoft account has been hacked, it is important to act quickly to secure your account and prevent further damage. Moreover, you should take some steps to prevent your account from hacking in the future. Here are some steps you can take:

How to Recover Hacked Account

Change your password

If you experience any unauthorized activity then, reset your password immediately to prevent further unauthorized access. Choose a strong, unique password that you don’t use for any other accounts.

Contact Microsoft support

If you are unable to recover your account on your own, or if you are unsure of what to do, you can contact Microsoft support for assistance. They can help you determine the extent of the hack and provide guidance on how to secure your account.

Enable two-factor authentication 

Adding an additional layer of security to your account can help prevent unauthorized access. Two-factor authentication requires you to enter a code that is sent to your phone or email when you try to sign in to your account.

Check for unusual activity

 After changing your password, it is important to check for any unauthorized activity on your account. This includes checking for any new devices that have been added, any new email addresses that have been added, and any unusual activity in your account history. If you find any unauthorized activity, take steps to remove it immediately.

If you find that an unauthorized app has access to your account, remove it immediately to prevent further access.

Use security software

Protect your device with trusted security software to prevent viruses and malware that can compromise your account.

Review your security settings 

It is also a good idea to review your security settings to ensure your account is as secure as possible. This includes enabling two-factor authentication, setting up account recovery options, and reviewing the permissions of any third-party apps that have access to your account.

Be cautious of phishing attacks

Hackers may try to trick you into giving them access to your account by sending you fake emails or messages that appear to be from Microsoft. Be sure to verify the legitimacy of any communication before sharing any personal information or clicking on any links.

In many cases, the user could not recover his account because the account information had changed. But with the help of the support team, you can get your account back.

If you need further assistance, you can share it with us in the comments, or you can post the issue in our Reddit Community.

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