How to Unlock Lower Temple Secret Level (Free Content) | Minecraft Dungeons: Jungle Awakens DLC

Lower Temple Minecraft Dungeons Secret Level Guide

Even if you don’t have the Hero Pass or the Hero Edition of the game, there is something to rejoice about the new Minecraft Dungeons update on July 1st. It brings a lot of free content to the game playable by anyone who owns the game. And one of the content update is a free unlockable secret level called the Lower Temple. For players with Hero Edition, you will have access to the free content as well as three new levels in Jungle Awakens. In this guide, we will show you how to unlock the free content Lower Temple in Minecraft Dungeons.

Where to Find Lower Temple Secret Level in Minecraft Dungeons

To find Lower Temple, you will have to return to the Desert Temple. Yes, that’s right, the new secret level is hidden in Desert Temple and once you know where it is, you will think well I suspected it was there. To unlock the secret level, you do not have to be on the max difficulty, you can do it any difficulty.

Once you are at the level make your way to the first checkpoint, which is the supply chest. Make your way through the mobs. You can either fight them or skip past them. Once you get your supplies, the new objective will be updated on the screen – to Find The Gold Key.

Lower Temple - Supplies chest

Walk straight ahead and you will come up on a wall with the key symbol. You will have to return to this point once you have the key.

Lower Temple - Gold Key Wall

So, take right and keep walking, you will have to lower walls and once you have the gold key, return to the point we talked about earlier.

Lower Temple - Gold Key

Use the key to open the door and a new objective will update on the screen – to Find The Tomb. Walk through the door and the hurdles of closing walls.

Lower Temple - unlock wall

You will reach the four-way intersection. Take a left from this point and walk into the crypt or the door with glowing light. It will teleport you to a new area. This is exactly where you want to be. You will find the Lower Temple in this area.

Lower Temple - teleport

You now have to interact with three columns that are placed in the various chambers. Just look around and you will find the three. As shown in the below image.

When you interact with the three chambers, a draw bridge will come up and you will be able to go to the other side to a green torch flame. You must have noticed the flame as you explored the area.  

unlock Lower Temple secret level

That’s it, interact with it and you shall have the new map to Lower Temple secret level in Jungle Awakens DLC of Minecraft Dungeons.

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