How to Unlock Accio Summoning Spell in Hogwarts Legacy

Abhishek Rathore
Abhishek Rathore

There is a piece of good news for all the Potterheads, Hogwarts Legacy, an immersive, open-world, role-playing game, is all set to launch on February 10. The game is based in the 1800s on the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling, the movie franchise was a big hit. With the release of its final installment, Deathly Hallows Part 2, in 2011, the series came to an end, leaving all Harry Potter fans heartbroken. Hogwarts Legacy brings good news for the fans, as they can now be a part of this wizarding masterpiece as a player. Players will be given a key to an ancient secret that is a threat to Hogwarts. Spells have been a crucial part of the Harry Potter Franchise as they are used in offense and defense of the characters.

In today’s spell guide we will discuss How to Unlock Accio Summoning Spell in Hogwarts Legacy.

Accio Summoning Spell in Hogwarts Legacy: How to Unlock

Spells have played an anchor role in the Harry Potter books, and that is going to continue with the game as well. Though the game will not be exactly like the movies, there will be a new Wizarding World experience. Players will be able to explore Hogsmeade, the Forbidden Forest, and the legendary Hogwarts. As it was seen in the Harry Potter movies, players will be able to brew potions and learn those popular spells. Accio was one of the most commonly used spells in the original series, we can expect the same in Hogwarts Legacy. It is used by wizards to summon objects and enemies toward them.

Accio is unlocked after unlocking the Levioso in the Defense Against Arts Class with Professor Hecat. After unlocking this spell, players will be given the task of attending Charms class with Professor Abraham Ronen, during which he will ask what he taught yesterday and no student will be able to answer (as Hermione is not present in the game; pun intended). This is where the Accio spell will be used by Professor Ronen to take the book away from you. After this cutscene ends, click on your screen to learn the Accio spell from Professor Ronen.

Once he teaches you through a game outside of the class, you can master the spell from the Talents Menu in the field guide. Select the Spells Talent Menu, and then Accio Mastery. You should be at least level five with one talent point to master the Accio spell. Accio spells can summon enemies and objects or be used as an AoE attack.

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