Pokemon Unite

How to Report a Player in Pokémon Unite

How to Report a Player in Pokémon UNITE

Pokémon UNITE is finally out and you can enjoy this multiplayer game on Nintendo Switch for now. During the match, in case, any of the players are behaving improperly and wrongly, you can report them and give them a penalty for their inept actions. Don’t you know how to report a Player in Pokémon UNITE? Do not worry, it is very easy. Check out the following quick guide. 

Pokémon Unite – How to Report a Player

Pokémon UNITE offers a lot of new things to this Pokémon franchise. This game also offers several challenging multiplayer battles that take the series beyond 2 players. However, some players purposely play this game to ruin the real fun and so they play improperly to tease other players. For such players, the Pokémon UNITE game has a feature that you can use to report those players. 

How to Report a Player in Pokémon UNITE

To report a player in Pokémon UNITE’ is quite straightforward. You simply need to select the name of that player from the result screen. You will find it at the end of a fight and then click on ‘Report’. Isn’t that simple! 

If you have reported that player for genuine reasons, he might get some strict penalties for behaving inappropriately in Pokémon UNITE matches. And so, his fair play points would also get reduced. So, if you find any player who is spoiling the fun of the game, do not hesitate to report them.

That’s all for this guide on How to Report a Player in ‘Pokémon UNITE’.

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