How to Recruit All Chained Echoes Characters

 How to Recruit All Chained Echoes Characters

Chained Echoes is not just any other roleplay game. The game holds a unique class and place among all the other roleplay games. With that 90s feel and that vintage and classic gameplay makes one of the games that can be played by 90s kids or even adults with the same feel and intensity. As the games proceed with the game, they need to continuously add more characters in their inventory to grow their clan. In this gamer’s guide, we will cover how to recruit all chained echoes characters in the game.

How to Recruit Every Character in Chained Echoes

Unlocking these characters is not an easy task, as every character requires to complete different quests and objectives to collect them. It holds a quasi-based building mechanic, which unlocks in the game. 

Here is the full list of the characters with the steps to unlock them.

  • Vesta can be found on a single island in the middle of the lake near the Kortara Mountains.
  • Guy can be found on the roof of the Southern Dormitory in new Wyrnshire.
  • Gormit is found in the Hooge in the middle of the sea near the Arkant Archipelago.
  • Falora can be found sitting on a Pier on Hermit’s Isle.
  • Bao can be found on the Snowy peak of Mount Rydell.
  • Pavel can be found on the West Valandis.
  • Eddie can be found on an airship near the Western area of Valandis.
  • Tehlla can be found on the beach in the western area of the Arkant Archipelago.
  • Pignon can be found in Leviathan’s Trench.
  • Bernd can be found in Rockbottom with his wife.
  • Deimsh can be found in the North of Farnsport.
  • Bernd’s Wife can be found in the Rockbottom in his and Bernd’s House.
  • Zellor can be found in the Flower Fields of Perpetua in the camo.
  • Thopas will be found in the Shamble near the red mineral ore.
  • Jack can be found in the Southern region of Fierwoods nearby a research camp.
  • Archy will be found on an island surrounded by minerals.
  • Linus can be seen roaming around in Tormund.
  • Bob can be found on the ground of the Western part of Tormund.
  • Kayn Sivar will be found in the North part of Farnsport.
  • Triony can be seen fishing near Magnolia’s place in Farnsport.
  • Fridolyn will require the players to complete “A Little Vacation quest”; then, only she can be recruited from the southern portion of Vanandis.
  • Gimaj is found in the Western part of Ograne Grottos.
  • Murchand will be found in the bushes of the Western part of Flanders.


That is quite a list of characters that players have to recruit in Chained Echoes; look around if you are unable to locate them, and you’ll surely find them at the location mentioned above.

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