How to Make Yaoyao Special Dish in Genshin Impact

 How to Make Yaoyao Special Dish in Genshin Impact

In that it is an open map for players to explore, Genship Impact is unique among roleplaying games. Players begin as a traveller in the Teyvat world in search of their sister, and as they go, they will face new difficulties, meet new people, and gain new prizes. Among the prizes are new and updated weaponry, as well as new abilities.

Throughout the game, players must defeat a variety of opponents. Teyvat is separated into four zones, each of which may be visited by players: Mondstadt, Inazuma, Liyue, Dragonspine, Chasm, and Sumeru. You may visit these places while having fun with the unique gameplay. However, more enhancements generating more uncertainty since new missions require instruction. 

With the introduction of the new 3.4 patch, the game gained a new era, the Desert of Hadramaveth. A slew of new activities, missions, and new bosses have been introduced to the game as a part of this latest, version. New characters are also added sometimes, or else the old characters have to complete specific quests or activities to activate special abilities. This time Yaoyao has to cook a special meal to enjoy its benefits. In this guide, we will cover how to make Yaoyao special dish in Genshin Impact.

How to Cook Yaoyao Special Dish in Genshin Impact

Yaoyao is a character that uses Dendro Polearm, a new healer build, Dendro reaction build, and so much more that has been upgraded to make this character even more powerful. Yaoyao special dish is basically the Qingce Household Dish, and this dish has to be prepared by the players as the Yaoyao character to enjoy its benefits. 

This helps in increasing the attack power not only of Yaoyao but of the whole squad.

Players can cook this recipe by using the Rural Delight.

From rural delight, players will find out the ingredients and the way to cook the recipe.

This recipe can be bought for 5000 mora from Miss Baimerchants.

Go through the recipe properly and then change the active character to Yaoyao from the upper right corner, and by a slight change in the recipe they become the Yaoyao special dishes.

The main ingredients that players will require are three mushrooms, two lotus cups, one cloud pepper, and one cabbage. 

Mushrooms can be harvested from Kettle of Serenity or can be bought from chef Mao at 180 seas, lotus cups can be found near the pool in Li Yue or can be harvested from Kettle of Serenity or can be bought for 300 seas, cloud pepper can also be found in the Kettle of Serenity, and cabbage can be found in barrels and boxes or can be bought for 100 seas.

Now prepare the dish and make full use of it.

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