How to Make Arrows in Sons of the Forest

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Sons of the Forest is a survival horror game that is amps up surviving and horrors. Surviving means making traps, acquiring weapons, food and water. And it does so not only in case of the game and its atmosphere that includes dark tunnels, that will traumatize people with claustrophobia, monsters that will give you nightmares, hordes of hungry cannibals, sharks that will dig out that buried fear from the days of Subnautica and a lot more, but also with its quests. And unless you acquire firearms, bow and arrows seem like the perfect option for long distance combat, don’t they? We shall tell you how to make ammunition for your bow.

How to make arrows in Sons of the Forest

The first bow you can make in Sons of the Forest is a basic wooden bow fashioned from sticks, duct tape, and rope. While it isn’t the best weapon you can get your hands on, it is far superior to the basic items you start with. You’ll need some arrows to discharge from the bow once you’ve finished making it. You will need rocks, sticks and feathers to make these arrows.

On the island, rocks and sticks are plentiful. You only need to move around and gaze at the ground. You will eventually collect all of the pebbles and twigs required for the arrows. Birds can be located anywhere, but you’ll have to rush up to them and hit them to get their plumage. These arrows can only be used with the normal bow and will be equipped immediately when you equip the bow.

How to make Fibreglass arrows in Sons of the Forest

Fiberglass arrows are another form of projectile that can be purchased. These are intended to be used with the composite bow, which can be found later in the game. It will not work if you make these arrows and attempt to use them with a normal hardwood bow, so make sure you have a compound bow before making these arrows. 

Plastic weapons can be created at any of the island’s 3D printers. These printers can be located in the repair shelters, which are indicated on the map by green dots. Each of these locations will require the use of a shovel. Once inside, you can engage with the printer to create composite bow arrows. Each four-arrow set will put you back 50 printer plastic. 

But these arrows and this bow are lethal weapons, hence much better than the previously owned wooden bows and arrows. With that being said, unleash your primal self!

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