How to make a Standing Torch in Sons of the Forest

Debarun Joardar
Debarun Joardar

Sons of the Forest is a survival horror game that amps up surviving and horrors. Surviving means making traps, acquiring weapons, food and water. And it does so not only in case of the game and its atmosphere that includes dark tunnels, that will traumatize people with claustrophobia, monsters that will give you nightmares, hordes of hungry cannibals, sharks that will dig out that buried fear from the days of Subnautica and a lot more, but also with its quests. That being said, this is a game that will include lots of dark caves, dark rooms, nights of terror and beasts, and in general, a lot of darkness-both abstract and atmospheric. So why refuse when the game has the option to provide a bit of light in this abyssal exploration? A standing torch will definitely be your friend if you want to light up dark areas and engage in searches and combats, since you will not get access to electric torches or LED lights. So why and how do you go about crafting a Standing Torch?

How to make a Standing Torch in Sons of the Forest 

The vision will be bad at night, but everything will be clear during the day. Because of this, you must make sure that your location is well-lit so that you can see any intruders. Electric lamps are not permitted, but you can still construct a Standing Torch. We’ll describe how to create a standing torch in Sons of the Forest in this tutorial. 

You can create almost anything with the aid of the Sons of the Forest Crafting Book. It includes plans for numerous buildings, ranging from Lookout Towers to bunkers. It operates in two different methods. Either way, all the details of the construction will be provided; all you have to do is add the pieces. Alternately, it may list the materials needed, leaving it to you to work out how to assemble them. The Standing Torch is a member of the latter category.

You’ll see that the formula for Standing Fire in your Crafting Book specifies that you need a stick, fabric, and a lighter. This can cause confusion for many participants because they are unsure of how to combine them. But the procedure is actually quite easy.

Take two sticks that are on the ground and outfit them first. After that, turn your head to face the ground, right-click to create a tiny dotted circle appear, and then left-click to set the stick upright on the ground. After that, prepare the fabric and approach the pole to attach it to it. To complete the task, put on the second stick, linger over the construction site, and then right-click when you see the shape in white. In Sons of the Forest, you must approach the Standing Torch while holding the “E” key in order to ignite it.

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